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What really happened on 13th March 2011?

Sunday, 13th March 2011, is a date no University of Bahrain student will ever forget...
It is a day we, the students, in the midst of our revolution, took the decision to go to campus and persue our education...believing that there is no weapon stronger than a degree...
We were at our early classes, when news came about the early morning attacks on the Lulu Roundabout and the surrounding square. Devistated, we felt. All the promises about the right to protest and government compromises seemed to be a lie. Some of us had family members there, we lost contact with protesters in the area, news of injuries were circulating, by 9 a.m. a gathering for a march within university campus started.
University adminstration usually supports peaceful marches and protests on campus grounds. Campus security would normally escort and admin staff would make sure classes are not disturbed.
On 13th March 2011, matters were different...
Students marched between buildings in protest of the Government's attacks on peaceful protesters in the Lulu Roundabout. The march ended in the main Square of the University, where the students had a sit-in.
Meanwhile, Government loyalists' students (who are mostly recently naturalised) began threatening to attack the protesters, saying "let's go hit the girls calling for the downfall of the King". Breaking tables and using its legs as weapons, they went to look for the girls....some went to get "other things" from their cars...
University of Bahrain president, Mr. Ebrahim Janahi, and his two deputies, Mr. Yousif AlBastaki and Mr. Osama AlJowdar now seen leaving the Admin building, heading towards the main gate. News of Main gate being locked...
In the campus's main square, the students (in an attempt to protect the girls) formed a circle to prevent the government loyalists from attacking the girls.
The number of guys was significantly less than the girls, many have left the university to go and check on their friends/relatives who were at the Lulu Roundabout.

Note that the building behind them is the main administration building where the President of the UOB and his deputies were watching from their offices.

Video showing how the human chain worked,
Minutes later, the University of Bahrain's gates have reopenned, only to allow the regime's armed thugs to enter.

Among the armed thugs, were two prominent Handball players (shown with arrows in the picture below). Saeed Johar and Abdullah Waheed both admitted on Bahrain TV to have taken part in the events of the University of Bahrain on 13March. Both took pride in their role. Both are not students (none of those who entered are students). Both were never called for investigation or interrogation. Both never sumonned to testify. Both went unpunished. Both are very well known locally. Both can't be missed. Both are still free. Both claim that the government is their back.

This video was taken by a student, who in the sight of weapons held by the Government's Thugs, have asked his colleagues to leave the place...

Even back at the main square, with the guys circling the girls, it was too dangerous to stay out. Some professors and lecturers called for us (the students) to retreat to the buildings, for the sight of armed thugs was unseen before (not on campus nor anywhere else!).

University of Bahrain has a number of Asian students. This group chose not to take sides on that day, on the contrary, they hid in the higher floors and took pictures of the events. This video is taken by one of the Asian students, when translated, it goes "look at the Sunni's hitting the Shiite's students"

Stones and bricks were thrown at students as they were trying to escape the place and go into the close buildings.

Even when students made it into the building, the Thugs never stopped the attacks...

We are now inside the building. University staff and lecturers are trying to keep everyone calm and everything in order. Some didn't know why we had entered the building. Some weren't comprehending that such thing is happening on campus. Some couldn't believe that not only (some of) the campus security was siding with the thugs, but the Riot Police was backing them up too (no one understood how or why the Riot Police was there).

Video taken by a University Staff (Sunni Lady) from inside the Collage of Business building. She is saying "The thugs are all naturalised people, who let them in? why do they have sowrds? why is the police backing them up? weren't the gates closed? they'll kill our children!"

The events of the University of Bahrain was never a Shiite vs Sunni matter. Some protested to the attacks of Lulu Roundabout this morning, staff and acadamics understood the situation (regardless of their sect and loyality), it could've been just another day in University. But some, had clearly planned things to take a difference direction.

With the presence of the Riot police and the blessings of the University of Bahrain's president, Mr. Ebrahim Janahi....

Ebrahim Janahi overseeing the events
The thugs now have joined forces with the loyalists and Pro Government students, under the protection of police and campus security, and took over one of the buildings (S20*) and occupied it.

*S20 is the English Language Center, it was the building later announced by Official Media to have been vandalised by the students

This picture shows the begining of their gathering

note the sticks/iron rods/swords in their hands
The first part of this clips shows closely the faces of some of the thugs/mercenaries, some of their weapons, how they are always backed up and protected by the police.

 In the meantime, things got out of control.

Riot Police was shooting tear gas at the students who were protesting, Government Thugs were attacking and hitting anyone who came in their way. Ambulances were prevented from enetering the University first, then prevented from treating or transporting the injured. In the meantime, everyone was trying to leave.

By the main gate, some students were waiting for their rides back, not everyone owned a car. The buses weren't operating. And in the midst of it all, a civilian car passes and begins shooting live ammo at the students. (video below)

The day went from students protesting in support of the protesters in Lulu Roundabout, to protesters in Lulu Roundabout coming to rescue the students.

At around 2:30 pm, all students, protesters, staff had leave the University of Bahrain, EXCEPT the people at the English Language Building (S20) who were the Government Thugs, Loyalists of the students, Campus security and Riot Police. Staff were asked to evacuate campus.

13th March 2011, was a day none of us will forget.

The same evening, the Government announced that the University of Bahrain shall be closed until further notice. Government also announced that it will take all measures to look into the events and restore order. Little did we know that this meant revange.

3 days later, a State of National Safety was announced. This meant Martial Law. In other words, the state of no law.

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