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13 March 2011 from people who were there, via Twitter...

It is 13 March 2011. One year after the events in University of Bahrain (UOB). It's been Once Year since the brutal attacks on students took place on campus, under the supervision of the UOB adminstration and the protection of the security forces. No matter how much the Government of Bahrain tries to twist the facts, the truth will always surface.
Today, by looking at Twitter alone (#13March, #UOB, #FreeUOBstudents) many have shared their memories of this day, whether students, family members, university staff, medical staff or simply citizens. Today, I share some of these stories with you...
These tweets are from a Student (girl) who was there on the day..

  • Before I sleep, let me give my testimony about 13 March in University of Bahrain
  • On 13 March at 8:44 am, my friend called me and said:"Don't come to the University, the situation is suspicious"
  • Took a round over the campus and passed by the Main Gate and saw thugs gathering there holding sword and wooden sticks. I also saw the University's Security standing with them.
  • I called my friend back and said: "the Security will stop the thugs from entering. I have an exam, I have to come, it's not my fault and I won't do anything"
  • I entered the University premises, drove towards Bahrain Teachers' College and saw the Security Cars going behind S20*
  • I saw people coming out from buses and entering S20* and the Security hiding behind the building
*S20 is the English Language Center, it was the building later announced by Official Media to have been vandalised by the students
  • I drove passed them, towards the IT building (where my exam was). I entered at 9 and finished little over 10
  • I saw the students walking towards the square between the Central Library, Old Registeration Building, College of Arts and College of Business
  • Saw the guys forming a human chain circle round the girls, protecting them very peacefully. They were there because they couldn't leave the university and so couldn't we
  • It was prayer time, the guys went close to the mosque to pray. In minutes, the thugs attacked us!
  • I saw the "high positioned" people of the University looking and observing as if nothing was happening, while we were running (escaping). Some entered the Business building and some entered the Arts building.
  • I went into the Business building to see the girls either fainting or crying and Zainal** & his friends looking over from the first floor and laughing
**Nawaf Zainal is a Pro-Government Student, Representative of the College of Business in the Student Council. He was in his Final Year
  • This made me go upstairs with some girls and yell at him for his insensitivity. Some guys now were closing the building's door so that the Thugs won't come in
  • Some lecturers (whose names I won't say here) stood by the students and were helping the students who were hurt or have fainted
  • Some lecturers also opened their offices (upstairs) and I thank them for it, for a while I felt traumatised and couldn't comprehend what had happened
  • I stayed at an office, I was breathing with difficulties. I prayed (since I was prepared to). By the time I finished the Business building had turned into a war zone because the Thugs had entered.
  • Girls where escaping the building and the guys where protecting them and helping them escape, thats why there were many injuries. The lady in the office hid us there. My family was worried.
  • Moments later, I left the building, after the thugs had left it. Some girls made it to outside of the University, but the guys proved to be True Men
  • Security came and shot tear gas. Needless to say they were behind the Thugs protecting their backs. Now the Thugs went into the Arts building. The Guys stood between them & the Security.
  • Now, I was with 2 girls, the Guys made us go back to the Business Building where it was safer for us while they stood in front of the security forces with their bares chests
  • I didn't go into the Business Building, I took at the girls and was heading towards the car park when a guy saw us and informed us how dangerous it was. The Families couldn't yet enter the University
  • The Guy walked with us till we reached the car. He was walking in front of us, the behind us, he was trying to protects us in any way & said: "Why didn't you stay with the rest of the girls, this is way too dangerous"
  • We moved past and made our way out. The Main road was filled with families. The boy refused to come with us in the car. I don't know what happened to him.
  • The Thugs began attacking the students in the Bahrain Teachers' College building. Then in the Square, then in the Business & Arts building.
  • All this time (from 9 am till I left), and I testify in front of God, the Security Forces were supporting the Thugs
  • And the President of the University and AlJowdar*** & AlBastaki*** were present at the University and watching it all happen. Shame on you
  • The Thugs were let in clearly with the support of the campus security and the president. They were there all day and since morning and this is an obvious crime
***Osama AlJowdar & Yousif AlBastaki are the Vice Presidents of the University of Bahrain.

Following Tweets are from a youngman (student) who was there on the day...

  • This day last year, I was sitting with my friend at the Univeristy of Bahrain's Food Court. It was early in the day
  • As we were having our breakfast, my friend was reading the news from his phone. He get the news that the Lulu Roundabout was attacked
  • We couldn't finish our food...
  •  We had plans to arrange for a rally in campus at 10. We were so angry we couldn't sit still
  • Suddenly, we noticed a strange movement in the food court, we came to know that a protest had begun
  • It was 9 am, anyone who had a bit of dignity towards the country couldn't stay quiet. They rally marched all over campus

  • My friend and I went to follow the protest, I won't forget seeing two people (Jordanians naturalised to Bahraini)
  • As we were leaving the food court, one came and whispered something to the other and both left quickly through the back door
  • I still remember their faces. The protest now came to a stop by the Central Library's square

  •  We had a sit-in in the square for aroun an hour and a half. We then heard of masked men by S20 building breaking the cars there
  • A group of the guys went to see what's happening there. At the same time, a Sunni girl came..
  • from that building crying hystirically and saying "They are there!" pointing at the direction of S20 building, the guys went there
  • The majority of the guys though stayed at the main square forming a human sheild to surround the terrified girls to protect them from the Thugs. I was with them..
  • The guys came back from S20, they were very angry, they informed us that the Thugs broke some cars. It was now prayer time
  • We agreed to go and prayer in two groups so that there is someone to protect the girls should the Thugs appear suddenly..
  • 10 minutes through the prayer, Thugs entered from the petrol station side, I was with the group left to protect the girls
  • Everyone started panicked, we are in an isolated location, in the middle of the desert. The group who were praying came back in a hurry
  • As the Thugs were approaching, we were directing the girls to enter one of the buildings. Some girls were so scared they couldn't stand up straight..
  • Most of the girls are now in the Arts building, we tried to block the Thugs as much as we could
  • I won't forget seeing the handball player, the leader of the Thugs Saeed Johar, they were carrying swords and stones and many other sharp things..
  • They came closer, now by the door of the Arts building. An Electric door seperated us..
  • They looked creepy. One could easily tell they weren't students. We fled the building from the other door
  • A group of boys and girls had left the building. The Bahrain Teacher's College courtyard was now filled with students. Some still scared and inside the buildings..
  • I saw someone I know..His knee was bleeding, I asked him what happened, he said: "They hit me with an iron rod"
  • I took him inside one of the buildings and had him sit down. I told him:"Don't move, I'll come back for you". Went out again to the Arts building courtyard.
  • Everyone is now there. Boys and Girls. The Thugs are protected by the mercenaries of Riot Police. They now enter the Arts building.
  • They walked towards the second door of the building, the one leading the Teacher's College courtyard and stood there
  • A guy wearing the traditional outfit (thobe) and masked with his own head gear (ghetra) approached. he was leading them. He was waving his hands as if he was saying "That's it, it's over" as if it was a play that they have now finished taking part of!!
  • We didn't know what was happening by the gates, from the Ambulances situation and all, but we were there when the Ambulance was finally allowed in
  • I ran to get my injured friend so the doctors would treat him. The doctors now came in the Arts building to treat all injured. I was surprised that there are so many injured
  •  Only then I came to know that there were attacks from the armed Thugs on the unarmed students using swords, daggers, wood and iron rods and more. My friend is now taked to the hospital
  • Now, some youngmen came from the Lulu Roundabout. Those who heard that the Thugs had attacked the university and came with their cars and buses to take the students out of the campus
  • I went to my car. I had decorated my cars with flags of Bahrain. I was scared that the Thugs might see it, but they didn't
  • I left, taking with me my sister, my cousin and their friend. The gates have now become parts of the Ministry of Interiors territories
  • I saw many parents and families waiting for their children to come out, as they weren't allowed in
  • This was what I saw. There might be some other things that didn't happen in front of me. I shall never forget this day as long as I live..
Following tweets are from a girl whose sister was in University that day...
  • Last year at 8 am I was reading about the Bahrain Financial Harbour's sit-in and rumors about attacks. My sister was going to go to University, I told her "are you going? they'll attack the Harbour soon"
  • She said: "Yes I have to go, what will happen?" at around 10 am I read about attacks on the University of Bahrain. At the begining I did not believe, I thought it must be rumors
  • Then my aunts and friends began calling me and asking me about my sister. I called my sister, but her phone was off. I called her friend, she said: "I don't know, but Business seems quiet".
  • She said:"There seems to be an attack, I'll try to leave now." then called to say:"we are in the square by the Old registeration, the guys formed a circle to protect us"
  • Now my aunt calls me from the Lulu Roundabout saying: "They've announced here that the University is under attack and people are going there to rescue the students"
  • I called my sister this time, all I could here is screems and shouts and cries and people running. She was saying:"They are after us! They have Swords and Wood sticks! They want to kill us!!"
  • I started screaming DAD THEY ARE AFTER THEM!! My father took the phone from my hand and spoke to my sister until he made sure she was in the building & she said the guys had closed the doors.
  • We left home to go get her, there were many cars leavig the roundabout and goig towards the university. I told her we were coming for her, but if she could leave earlier then she better does
  • I was scared and shaking, the situation wasn't normal at all. Everyone in the surrouning cars was scared. Out hearts were beating together. We are now close to the main gate.
  • The Number of Riot Police cars was unbelievable and traffic was terrible!They started shooting at us, many cars were reversing...
  • People in the cars were telling us not to go back because more Riot Police cars have driven right and off road into backroads and are now heading towards the Roundabout 22**** 
  • My sister called and said: "AlWefaq***** have sent buses to collect the students, we got into one. Don't come, it's dangerous"
****Roundabout 22, is the last roundabout in Hamad Town and right opposite the University's main gate.
*****AlWefaq is one of the major political opposition societies
  • The driver of the bus spoke to my father and told him: "your daughters are safe with me & I will make sure they are safe until they reach home". They agreed on a close by meeting point.
  • We waited for them thinking, they should be here, they are supposed to arrive, just to learn that they were followed again and locked into the University.
  • My mother collapsed, and so did the other mothers waiting with us. I don't know how or where I got the strength to cool them down. My aunts and friends never stopped calling.
  • The bus driver left from the entry gate, many people left the same way. By 2:30 he dropped my sister and her friend to us. The attacks started at 10 and they only got to us by 2:30.
  • When they got into the car, they & us both couldn't believe we were together again. My sister said:"I thought I wasn't going to see you again"
  • My sister and other girls made it out of the university safely, because the students (guys) protected them throughout the attack. Some of those students are now in prison for that, may they be released soon.
Few tweets from a student, says it all..
  • I won't repeat what happened that day, everyone knows what went on, but I will share something that happened to me
  • When the Thugs attack us, we retreated into the Business Building. I was very angry, angry to the extent that I wanted to go and fight back
  • They guys tried to convince me to go back, but I was persistent. One of the students came quickly towards me, he was angry & scared that something might happen to me...
  • He yelled at me and said:"GO BACK! YOU ARE MY HONOUR!" his face was red, for a second I was scared from him more than the thugs. I truely felt how much scared the guys were for us &how much they wanted us safe.
  • What hurts, that I saw the same guy crying while carrying a girl who was attacked by the thugs
The father of Jassim AlHulaibi (one of the 5 imprisoned students) tweets...
  • Today, is the sad &hurtful memory of the thugs attacks on the University Students
  • I remember this day last year, Jassim &his friend were trying to go to University
  • But all roads in Manama were blocked, they couldn't get through. So he and his friend returned home.
  • But Jassim wasn't safe from those who held grudges against him (for he was one of the best students) he and a number of excellent students were sentenced for charges beyond imagination
Following Tweets come from one of the protesters who was at Lulu Round about when the attack happened. Then came to the University to rescue the students...
  • The regime couldn't do anything after its defeat the day of the Financial Harbour attacks, it went on to do something horrid
  • The regime sent its Thugs to attack our youth, boys &girls, at the University of Bahrain. They beseiged them in the campus, far awar from the Lulu Roundabout
  • The biggest joke was that the person who lead the Thugs attacks was Saeed Johar****** who we fought for his dignity, but he was raised to hate us.
******Saeed Johar is the captain of the national handball team of Bahrain. Few year back, his brother was killed by the newly naturalised syrians and the Bahraini's have stood up with him and protected him and his family from several attacks
  • Shame on you Saeed Johar, what are you made of?! Do you attack unarmed students!? Do you lead the Thugs' attack when you & your family suffered from them?!
  • What happened in the University was a response to us freeing the Lulu Roundabout. It is indescribable. It was well planned to every detail, didn't spontaneously happen. It is a crime
  • The Thugs surrounded our boys and girls in the University square. They carried swords when we were holding flowers. They attacked with unprecedented hatred.
  • One student was hit on the head &it split to halves. One was stabbed in the waist. The third was shot in the face with a shot gun. This is University of Bahrain's Massacre .
  • It was a Massacre with every meaning the word Massacre carries. Our eyes were filled with tears, Joy (from the victory of freeing the Pearl Roundabout earlier) was taken away from our hearts 
  • Some students were trapped in the Library, Thugs were outside holding swords, knives, axes, wood and shot guns.
  • When we freed the Lulu Roundabout and surrounding area, a call from one of the students (girl) was recieved at the Lulu square's main stage
  • She was screaming and crying and asking for someone to come help them. We burst into rage!! hundrads took their cars to go to the university and save the students
  • When we got there, they were all armed, but still cowards. They thought they could take down unarmed students
  • They attacked us with bullets, with tear gas, the thugs were working hand in hand with the university's security. Both were attacking us, but we didn't back off.
  • Hundreds of youngmen reached the university in 20 minutes along with the families of the trapped students. The nearby villages came to help to rescue our honour, the trapped girls
  • We fought back with no weapons and in minutes, we freed all the students. It was our second victory in 13 March 2011
  • We saved the boys and girls from the evil traps the regime and its thugs had for them. It was a victory from God.
  • After the events of the University, the last of the regime's cards was burnt. Mercenaries, thugs, army, all burnt...
  • 13 March 2011, the day of the Financial Harbour and the Sacred Defense in the University of Bahrain, is the day of the Gulf Peninsula Sheild's invaded Bahrain

This is just a small part of the story. A story of how the Government of Bahrain killed Education. How the regime plotted such a plan to take place at the National University. Many were there, many saw things, some shared, some didn't. The truth will never go unnoticed.

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