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Shawqi Radhi, University Student, Sentenced to 15 years

Name: Shawqi Radhi Abdul Rasool
Age: 22
Date of Arrest: April 26th, 2011

Shawqi is a dedicated student at the College of Business Administration with a GPA of 3.4 out of 4. He was arrested at dawn in a home raid by security forces on 26.4.2011, and like Yousif was summoned for investigation by the university regarding the events of March 13. Shawqi complained of being tortured in detention, as when he appeared in court he was unable to stand due to the intensive beating. He was taken to the hospital several times after going on hunger strike in protest of his continued detention and ill-treatment. Shawqi is known for his distinguished reputation as he engaged in tutoring students at the university as well as having several social activities and volunteer work outside university.

Before the arrest:-
A defamatory online campaign carried out by Pro-Governments started in the forum "Kingdom of Bahrain Forums" after the events of the University of Bahrain on 13th March 2011, the goal of this campaign was to get him expelled and arrested.

Some of the defamatory topics:
- The truth about the students of University of Bahrain ... Shame on you, vandals

- URGENT: Shawqi has been expelled from the university

We can see in these topics how Shawqi replied to them with respect, but God printed on their hearts.

Despite this defamatory campaign and his certainty that he would be arrested at any time, he wasn’t afraid, and wrote these words:

Remember me when I leave...
Either prisoner or dead...
All this is little for my country...
I’ll give my soul...
I'll let my blood flow...
Remember me, beloveds, if you see me detained...
11th April 2011

And despite how much this defamatory campaign had hurt him, his morals and manners only made him write this on his Twitter:
“God forgive anyone who intends to harm me.”
This was the last tweet before his arrest, tweeted on 25th April 2011
The Arrest:-

On the dawn of Tuesday 26th April 2011, house of Hajj Radhi Abdul Rasool in Aker village was raided by masked men and armed police. The entire house was vandalized and especially his son Shawqi’s room where he was taken from his bed. They covered his head, dragged him out of the house and taken him away in the Ministry of Interiors bus.

The night Shawqi was arrested, he was taken directly to the Central Investigation Directorate (CID) in Adliya where he was tortured into signing confessions of things he did not do.
In ASRY’s Prison:

The day after his arrest, he was taken to ASRY prison. His family didn’t know anything about him as they didn’t hear from him for over a month. He was tortured there by some of the well-known torturers.
The treatment was bad in ASRY’s Prison, especially during the first month as he was subjected to various forms of torture and horrible degrading mistreatment. In addition to that, the prison was dirty and fetid. After the first month (end of the state of National Safety), the treatment changed dramatically. He remained in ASRY prison for 73 days.
In Dry Docks Prison:
On 2nd July 2011 Shawqi was transferred to Dry Dock prison and he was more comfortable there as the other detained UOB students were with him. They were treated well at Dry Dock, the cells doors were open on each other and they were allowed to practice sport. He was also in constant contact with his friends and family because they allowed them to call at any time they want.
In his calls, he always asked about the country’s conditions and the developments in the university’s case, assuring everyone he called that he’s comfortable and strong, entrusting his destiny to God. He remained in Dry Dock prison for an additional 93 days.
In Jaw’s Prison:
The day after Shawqi was sentenced by the Military Court; he was transferred to Jaw’s prison on 4th October 2011 to serve his sentence.

The Trial:-

The trial began before June in the court of national safety and stopped in Ramadan as courts were closed due to the judicial leave (3 months summer holiday).
The final hearing and verdict on the case of the University of Bahrain students accused of attempted murder was set to be on 3rd October 2011, Shawqi was the fourth defendant. Shawqi was sentenced to 15 years, his charges are as follows:

- Attempted murder
- Ignite fire in a government building (university Bahrain)
- Possession of incendiary materials and Molotov cocktails
- Vandalism of a government building (university of Bahrain)
- Unauthorized gathering and Incitement to hatred against the regime

On 2nd January 2012, the first appeal of the case was held. The session was postponed to 16th March 2012 without hearing any of the lawyers. The Judge refused to call the University of Bahrain’s president or head of security as witnesses

About Shawqi:-

College student - University of Bahrain... Class of 2007.
He began his undergraduate studies at the College of Applied Sciences majoring Business Studies in 2007, where he graduated with an Associate Diploma for the academic year 2008/2009. After graduating from the College of Applied Sciences, Shawqi enrolled in the College of Business Administration to get a Bachelor Degree. He began studying Banking & Finance in the year 2009/2010. Shawqi is one of the most well-known students at the College of business and the university in general both as an active student and as a member of the online university forums where he was known by  the name "Majboos".  He used to study and work at the University as he worked in his spare time in the Central Library at Sakhir.

Some of his important activities at the university:-

1. Education Excellence (with a group of students) where they’ve pursued studies after graduating from the College of Applied Sciences and enrolled in other colleges after obtaining the Associate Diploma.
2. Active in the University’s online community, where he contributed with topics and ideas in the forums

3. Volunteered to give tuition sessions of university courses to students. As a tutor, his sessions were the most popular among students from all backgrounds 

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